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Vote Steve Mann

Vote Professor Steve Mann for Toronto Mayor

Scientist, Inventor, Professor… Mayor

Associations & Influence

Mann co-founded InteraXon, known for the Muse brain-sensing headband, and is a founding member of the IEEE Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI). His contributions to the field of wearable computing have significantly influenced the development of new disciplines.

Advocacy & Philosophy

Mann is a strong advocate for privacy rights and has introduced the concept of sousveillance, or “inverse surveillance”. This, along with his development of the notion of humanistic intelligence, has created a new dialogue around cyborg technologies and personal information gathering devices.

Inventions and Contributions

Steve Mann, a leading figure in computational photography, has innovated numerous inventions, including the Chirplet transform, Digital Eye Glass, Comparametric equations, HDR imaging, and the hydraulic-fluid-based musical instrument, the Hydraulophone.

Academic Background

Steve Mann, a distinguished Canadian engineer, professor, and the “Father of Wearable Computing,” is the inventor of widely-used HDR imaging. An MIT PhD holder and a McMaster University alumnus, he’s also honored in their Alumni Hall of Fame.

Professional Role

Currently, Mann is a tenured full professor at the University of Toronto, with cross-appointments in multiple faculties, and is a cofounder and  member of the Advisory Board of InteraXon, makers of the Muse brain-sensing headband.

Ongoing Projects

Steve Mann’s commitment to community well-being and technological advancement is evident in his campaign to save Ontario Place Beach and his work in assistive technologies for the disabled.

Revolutionizing Toronto’s Education, Transit, and Government Operations

Mayoral candidate Steve Mann aims to revolutionize Toronto’s education system, drawing on his experiences at MIT, Stanford, and InteraXon. He proposes tuition-free university education, the transformation of Ontario Place into a research hub, and the implementation of fare-free public transit. He plans to integrate human-in-the-loop AI, use open-source software in government operations, and introduce the world’s first analog currency. His platform also includes innovative solutions for homelessness, environmental conservation, accessibility improvements, and government power limitations.

Embrace open-source standards

Steve Mann aims to enhance accessibility and computer literacy by promoting the use of free, open-source, and standards-based code that is adaptable for individuals with disabilities. This involves advocating for a transition from proprietary services like Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to open-source platforms such as Jitsi. By integrating open-source software into government operations, the objective is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create job opportunities for local engineers, while simultaneously fostering computer literacy and alleviating tax burdens.

In addition to these efforts, Steve Mann envisions a revolutionary transformation of the number system to facilitate more seamless and effective human-computer interaction. By redefining this fundamental aspect, individuals of diverse backgrounds will have a more intuitive and engaging experience with technology, bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusivity.

Furthermore, Steve Mann advocates for the modernization of municipal finance by embracing cryptocurrencies as a means of accepting tax payments. This progressive step not only aligns with the changing financial landscape but also enhances convenience for citizens. By accepting digital currencies, the municipality demonstrates its commitment to innovation and positions itself as a leader in the adoption of emerging technologies.

In summary, guided by Steve Mann’s vision, the aim is to advance accessibility, computer literacy, and inclusivity. Through the promotion of open-source software, the reimagining of the number system, and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in municipal finance, Steve Mann seeks to drive cost savings, enhance efficiency, create local job opportunities, and ultimately improve the lives of community members, all while ensuring a prosperous future for the municipality.

Commited to #SaveTheBeach

Steve is ardently dedicated to preserving the West Island of Ontario Place. He brings to the table a refined vision for Ontario Place’s future, outlining strategies to strike a harmonious balance between economic growth and the conservation of public spaces. Steve recently hosted a Mayoral Debate at the Michael Hough Beach and has a petition to save it at

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